My 13 months old is not eating anything


My 13 Months old is not eating anything.

This is a question commonly asked by new mothers and fathers.

Well the answer to this question is not so simple. There could be many reasons when your toddlers deny eating anything. If your baby has been eating normally and suddenly stop eating it is a sign.

Top reasons why your 13 months old is not eating anything.

  1. The first thing is check their temperature using a thermometer and see if they have any fever. If they have fever between 99-100 then give them simple paracetamol. You can give crocin too and try to feed them something or at least milk before giving that. When they have fever they can start refusing food. If they have fever above 100 please visit your doctor immediately.
  2. If they do not have fever than you have to look at other reasons. The baby’s cannot speak. So, you have to understand what is wrong. The second thing you can do is judge it by their stool pass. If they are passing stool timely. If they are farting too much. Formula milk is another reason for too much farting. So try giving them boiled cow milk. You can judge by the color of the stool if it is normal or not. If the stool color has changed recently then there are chances they have some stomach infection or something else is wrong in their stomach causing them to refuse new food.
  3. If the temperature and stool pass is OK then you have to look at what you are trying to feed them. Try feeding them mashed potatoes, curd, boiled pulses, boiled veggies, oats etc. Try different variety of foods. Sometimes their taste buds doesn’t like the taste of certain foods. At that young age they have very sensitive taste buds and the food that we taste is much more complex for their taste buds at that age. The Toddlers are just developing taste at that particular age.
  4.  Most of the times when you try giving them same thing to eat each day they may refuse it. Try changing the flavor of baby food you are giving.

Few more reasons why your 13 month old is not eating anything

  1. You have to see the position you make them sit while feeding. Some toddlers dont want to be tied to a baby chair while eating. Try changing their position. Some toddlers doesn’t like too many people sitting around while eating. So just the mom or dad can be there while feeding.
  2. Sometimes you try to feed them while they have their attention somewhere else maybe on toys, tv or it can be anything. So first of all turn of the tv and try feeding. In some cases you can do the odd. Turn On baby tv and try feeding.
  3. Another important thing you have to notice is weather your baby is getting his/her teeth out. They feel pain and they dont want to take solid foods. Well for a couple of days just nourish them with milk and vitamins till the tooth flowers come out. They can have very mild fevers while that course.
  4. If you have tried everything above and they are not eating for more than 3 days make sure they are drinking milk. Visit a pediatric doctor if they dont eat for more than 3 days.