Why my toddler keeps biting all the time

Why my toddler keeps biting all the time

Why my toddler keeps biting all the time

Why my toddler keeps biting all the time: Well new parents might feel that it is only their child who bites. When a toddler grow above 14-15 months, it is a normal behavior shown by the toddlers.

Why my toddler keeps biting all the time ?

The answer to this question is our toddler is a mammal like us.  Mammals have a genetic behavior to dominate or attack using teeth. So, at this age the child does not know how to express his or her feelings. They have not yet learnt the verbal communication skills. They are in a learning phase in this new world. So when they want something and they are not able to communicate that they try to bite as per a scientific research done by a team of child psychiatrists from Punjab University Chandigarh.

Sometimes the child wants a specific thing and when they do not get it they bite as a part of their normal behavior as a mammal.

Why my Toddler bites other children and what should I do about that ?

Your Toddler is a quick learner and the children has a tendency to dominate other children at this age. They want everything to be done in their own way. For example, if your child is playing with some other kids who are slightly above his age, he would want their attention on his deeds only. But when he see them busy in their stuff he gets annoyed and bites them.

Well, that is one reason. There are other reasons too. AT this age the teeth start to pop out. They have itching in their teeth. So, to control the itching they bite anything or anyone that comes on their way. Many times they use biting to express something or convey a message that they are angry on something.

What parents can do about the biting

Well, instead of punishing your child when he bites you, tell him it is not right. If he bites you when he is trying to get something from you, then simply deny it. At this age they dont understand the pain they might give by biting. They also don`t understand the reason for the punishment. They are just starting to learn all new things everyday.

Some parents or even doctors advice to bite back the child when they bite you. But it is totally wrong,  you will just end up giving them pain. As a parent you wont want your child in pain and suffering for a thing that he is not capable of understanding.

When your child bites the other child instead of punishing your child, just ignore him and instead help the victim child. By doing this your child will learn that if he does that he will loose all the attention and the other child is going to gain your attention. Children at this age are very obsessive about the parents attention. When they feel ignored they sometimes bite but after biting when they are ignored then automatically stop doing it.

You can read about some advises from the experts to help your child to get rid of this habit from this article as well.

Author: Dr. Sam Sandhu (Date-September 7, 2016)

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