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Tips improve high pulse rate. Remedies for tachycardia

Tips to improve high pulse rate and remedies for tachycardia: Earlier it was hard to track pulse rates. Since the lauch of modren technologies, we are enable to track our pulse rate on our phone itself.

I work in a night shift from 7 years and I bought a samsung note 5 a year back. My pulse use to be 120 everytime I checked while at my shift. Even during day time it use to be 100 plus.

I researched about a normal pulse rate. For adults of my age that is 25 to 32 it should be 60 to 76.

Consitant pulse rate above 100 is known as Sinus Tachycardia. It is a heart disorder that gets developed due to many reasons.

The major reasons include stress, anxiety, abuse of drugs, heart disease, consumtion of too much alcohol, smoking, insomnea, less sleep, eating habits, hyperthyroidism, no physical activity.

In my case all tests were normal. So the colcluded reason was my schdule, eating habits, smoking etc.

Since I found out about my tachycardia I started working to bring my pusle back to normal.

Tips improve high pulse rate (remedies for techycardia)i

The first thing I realised after getting to know about my disorder was my routine.

I used to wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep and start my day with a cigerrete smoke. After bathing I watched tv and went straight to office for a 12 hours long night shift.

I had only 1 meal at office and occaionaly at home. Wrest was all fast food etc. On top of that smoking, it all added to increase the pulse rate.

The first thing i started doing is added some physical activity in my routine. I dont have time for gym. So I started walking and start doind mild aerobic activity at the park itself. It is very important to do some aerobic activity everyday.

I added fruits to my daily diet. I started eating all seasonal fruits daily. I controlled my smoking habit and now I am almost turned into a low smoker. Though I smoke 5 to 6 times in my shift. But on weekends I started playing cricket and swimming.

I added more salads to my diet. I decreased consumption of caffiene. I developed my taste for green tea and I started drinking green tea 3 times a night in my shift.

Just by doing these small remedies my pulse is now in 70’s and 80’s. It only goes up when I am deprived from sleep. I try my level best to get a sound 8 hours of sleep.

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