Samsung phone shows pulse above 100


My samsung phone shows pulse above 100

Is the reading of samsung phone pulse rate accurate ?

Well this question is asked often these days since the launch of the health tracker app by Samsung. I have been tracking my pulse rate since a year now.

One day My pulse was showing 190. I could feel it running fast. I rushed to the hospital and found it to be accurate. I was in a little anxiety and had consumed 1 red bull and smoke as well. So the caffiene, anxiety and smoking caused it to go that high.

So the answer to the question is yes. The samsung phone pulse rate is accurate.

Now, as reccomeded  the normal pulse rate should be 60 to 72. But my pulse has always been 100 plus. As I said nicotene increases pulse. So that is one reason. The second reason is I do consistant night shifts from last 7 years.

If you dont get proper sleep your pulse can go higher. The consisnt pulse rate above 100 is known as Sinus Tachycardia. It is a disease but it can be controlled by changing eating habits. I have listed the details on Sinus Tachycardia and its cure in the following article.

The high pulse rate can be dangerous when it is consistantly high even after sleep. You should see your doctor if it is 120 plus even at resting stage. They can orescribe some beta blockers or remedies to cure that. I personally have taken precausions and reduced it to normally just by changing me habits and routine a little. I have listed the habits in the following article.

Tips to improve high pulse rate

My samsung phone shows pulse above 100


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