Causes Cure and Prevention for Piles

Causes cure and prevention of piles

Causes cure and prevention for piles

What is piles?

Causes cure and prevention for piles:  Piles is a condition or a disease that inflates you anus and the tissues. In the other words inflamed hemorrhoids that bleed and cause huge discomfort. Sometimes they make it really hard for the sufferer to complete the bowel cycle. There are certain degrees of piles as shown in the image.
Causes cure and prevention of piles
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Causes of Piles

There can be many causes of piles. But the main cause of piles is the lifestyle. I am listing the major causes of piles.

1. Drinking less water: Shortage of hydration in body can lead to piles. Always keep your body hydrated and drink ample amount of water.

2. constipation: constipation is another reason that can cause piles. But to avoid constipation eat healthy diet rich with fibre.

3. Eating habits: eating too much junk food can be a reason for piles. If you are a foody and eat too much street food then don’t blame anything else for piles. Stop eating junk food.

4. consumption of alcohol: consuming too much alcohol can be another reason for piles. Alcohol not only damages your liver but has many effects on your bowel as well. It can swell your tissues near anus and the hemorrhoids can start bleeding once the tissues can’t hold their positions. If you are alcoholic and can’t stop consuming alcohol then eat a healthy food and consume a lot of water.

5. Lack of excercise It is very important to do regular exercise. By exercising your body emits sweat that releases many toxins of your body. It also ensures health tissues and body muscles. If you don’t exercise at all piles can knock your anus door anytime.

6. Too much strain over bowel muscle: when we strain too much over bowel muscle it pushes blood into the rectal veins. The veins get swollen and sometimes get punctured with pressure and starts bleeding. They start emerging as huge hemorrhoids.

7. Diarrhea: Too much stool pass can also lead to piles. So make sure you are not constipated and also not passing stool every few hours.

8. Spending too much time on pot: Are you fond of sitting in the loo and make plans. Then be alarmed, this can lead to piles. So If you are used to this then make sure your pot is highly clean and pass your stool once you are done with your sitting. After passing stool flush the toilet immediately and get out.

9.Too much sitting– if you spend more time sitting or you have a sitting job, then be cautious. Too much sitting keeps the pressure on you buttocks and it can lead to piles adding other factors mentioned above can seriously risk you more for this disease.

Causes cure and prevention for piles

10. Overweight– Obesity is cause of many diseases and disorders and piles is one of them.

11. Pregnancy: it very common to develop piles in later stages of pregnancy and post pregnancy. But piles go away after a few weeks of pregnancy if proper care and precautions are taken.

I have suggested the major reasons for piles and some tips as well. But I will tell you the definite cures for piles in following article that worked for me personally.

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