Instant remedies heart palpitations

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Instant remedies heart palpitations :How to bring your pulse rate down

Instant remedies heart palpitations : People have become more pulse cautious since the phones have started telling them about pulse rate.

So I will be sharing the best and effective ways to the question

Instant remedies heart palpitations: How to bring your pulse rate down ?

Before I answer this question. We have to see how much is the pulse rate. If you are undergoing a palpitation attack and your pulse is really high and above 160. This is really very high when you are in resting stage. In this scenario  of very high pulse follow the following steps as a first aid to bring it back to normal.

  1. Firstly remove your socks if you are wearing any.
  2. Loose your clothes and remove and belts from your waist.
  3. Drink 2 glasses of mild cold water.
  4. Then take deep breaths. Try to hold the breath for a few seconds and then slowly release it. Repeat it for 5 minutes.
  5. While you are practising slow breathing start massaging the backside of your ear as shown in picture.How to bring pulse rate dowm Keep massaging till the time you do not feel your heart rate back to normal. This is a very effective and important technique while or under a palpitation attack. This massage slows down the blood flow rate to brain and can prevent stroke and hemorrhage.
  6. Try to go to washroom and push yourself as if you are having bowel movements. This is a great trick to trick yor heart.
  7. Next thing once your heart rate has returned to normal you need to think about what caused it. It can be anything like you have had a red bull, strong coffee, coca cola or any drug. Now if you had anything from these things that has caffeine or drug make sure you do not take them in future. If you are addicted to caffeine you are in serious danger. Started reducing the intake immediately.
  8. Start using green tea three times a day. After every meal add green tea as a part of your post meal drink. Green tea has antioxidants and is very good for heart.
  9. If you are experiencing consistent palpitation attacks you should see a doctor and they may prescribe you beta blockers.
  10. In extreme cases they can install a device named Pacemaker inside your chest. Whenever there will be any abnormal pulse activity this device sends a shock wave and bring it back to normal.

But you should start taking precautions yourself before you reach the stage of beta blockers and pacemaker. The major reason for palpitation attacks and high pulse rate are lack of physical activity. If you can do much at least start running a few miles everyday to keep your heart healthy. Reduce the consumption of caffeine, drugs, smoking, alcohol. Life is very precious and don’t let it go waste due to carelessness.

Start taking the life serious. Just ask a person who is laying on death-bed and about to die. He will be willing to whatever to get another day of life. Dont wait for this stage to value your life.

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