My toddler keeps crying for no reason

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My toddler keeps crying for no reason

This question is commonly asked by new parents. But let me tell you that the toddlers never cry without a reason.

There is always a reason for the toddlers cry. The reasons may vary but there are many of them. I would try to illustrate top 10 reasons rest you can put in your comments.

10 reasons why your baby cries

  1. Your toddler may be having a stomach pain that he cannot tell you. So look at their stool pass. If they are passing stool properly or not.
  2. Your toddler may be developing teeth and to ease out the pain please give them calceria.
  3. You can use gripe water to ease their stomach.
  4. My toddler was crying continuously and we tried everything we could do to stop him. Finally my granny told me to remove his tight clothes. As soon as we made him wore loose clothes he started playing. Wow that was a great granny tip I got. So if you are making your toddlers wear tight clothes stop doing that. They should always feel easy. Just imagine yourself in tight clothes.
  5. Sometimes they are simply hungry and they are signally for their feed.
  6. Sometimes they simply need your attention and they want you to play with them. They may want to play with you.
  7. Sometimes they start crying when they see unusual environment. For example you are visiting some other place. Or you have guests.
  8. One day I had some guests at home and after they left my toddler kept crying and i tried all remedies. I changed his nappy, fed him milk, losses his clothes. I tried to play with his favorite toy. But nothing seemed to work.

Remedies for Crying Baby

So finally I called my mom. She asked me what happened in the whole day? When he started crying?

When I said as soon as the visitors left he started crying. She asked me to simply pick a hand full of salt and rotate it around his head clockwise and throw it in washbasin.

I asked why? She simply asked me to do it and then see. I did that and suddenly after 2 minutes he stopped crying. I thought how the hell that happened.

I called her and asked how he stopped crying. Revolving salt around his head and throwing that in washbasin cannot stop my toddler from crying. But he stopped crying by doing this when nothing else worked.

So she explained me that it is evil eye. Sometimes the visitors leave evil eye impact unintentionally on toddlers. I researched online about evil eye impact on toddlers and I found it to be true.

This remedy worked many times.

9.  Sometimes they have some sort of fungal infection on their body. Check out the whole body and if you see unusual marks use baby dusting powder to cure it.

10. Diaper rashes can cause your toddler to cry as well. So watch out for them. Use Coconut oil to cure them rather than cosmetic creams.

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My toddler keeps crying for no reason