Sleeping late can cause this disease

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Sleeping late can cause this disease.

Sleeping late can cause this disease. We are living in a fast paced generation. The stress levels are on the peak in centuries. There are certain lifestyles that increase the risk of developing certain diseases. Today we will tall about the disease that is really dangerous. This can be developed by people who sleep late at night or work in night shifts.

Do you sleep late after 1 AM at night regularly ?

If your answer is yes, then be alarmed that you have 50% more chances to get diabetic. A recent study has proved that people who sleep late have higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Sleeping late can cause this disease.

Reason for type 2 diabetic

There are solid reasons behind this. Even if you sleep for 8 hours, regardless of your weight, you can develop type type 2 diabetes. The reason is deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D is really essential for many body functions and one of them is to regulate pancreas activity. Pancreas secrete insulin which regulates blood sugar level. But when you get less sunshine you develop certain deficiencies.

As per a Spanish study, it has been proven that 7 out of 10 type 2 diabetic patients have a habit of sleeping late at night or who regularly work in night shifts.

The risk of type 2 diabetes increases when you have more bad bugs [bacteria] than good bugs in your gut,” says Betul Hatipoglu, MD, an endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic. Not sleeping on time can disrupt you metabolism which leads to improper functioning of digestion process. It may lead to inflammation  that can eventually lead to insulin resistance.

This is only one disease you can develop out of many if you are a late sleeper or working regularly in night shifts. There are several other diseases like piles, stress, constipation, blood pressure, heart diseases that you can develop die to this habit.

Just by watching tv till late night you can increase your chances of becoming type 2 diabetic. At night you get light from artificial sources of light like, tube lights, tvs, computers, mobile phones and these sources of lights fools your skin.

When Your skin comes in contact with any source of light, it tries to adsorb vitamin D from that. But these artificial lights just give harmful rays to your skin.

What can you do to be safe from this disease while working in night shifts.

Sleeping late can cause this disease.

Well don`t worry. There are always ways to keep yourself safe from this type of disease despite of your schedule.

Firstly make sure you get sufficient sunlight in day time. I would recommend a weekly sunbath for night workers. Or a weekly outdoor game. This will not only get your skin a boost of vitamin d but also will regularize your metabolism and maintain a blood sugar level.

Add a probiotic drink to your meal. There are many probiotic drinks available in market. To name one yakult is a Japanese probiotic drink. But adding a little cheese to one of your meals can do as well.

Make sure you do t sleep in a dark room after a night shift. Your body needs natural light to obtain vitamin d. If your room has sufficient source of natural light will decrease a lot of lead from it. Trust me you will get a sound sleep than a dark room.

Adding green tea to your daily menu  twice is going to work as a wonder. Green tea has many benefits but we will keep our topic to type 2 diabetes only. So, if you work in night shifts make sure you get sufficient sunlight on your week offs and others start sleeping on time.

Author: Sam Sandhu, (Stay Fit Stay Young)

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